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The Lebanese over the world ‘s site providing comprehensive and detailed information about  the Lebanese communities over the world,and theireconomic activities, commercial, industrial, and includes a database of companies names and their activities, in order to secure the communication channels requiredto identify their activities in various sectors, allowing for the exchange ofideasand creating opportunities for complementary and secure successful investment opportunities for individuals and companies.

And contains till date more than 50 thousand name of a Businessmen from more than 80 countries around the world,who, events influential in all economic sectors, financial, informational, technical, you find them, businessmen, journalists,artists, cadremanagement and productivity, technical, and bodiesmedical, educational, ...,and worked in the countries of the world locations of several, and carried the Secretariat professionally recognizedher, in all sectors, One wasconfidencein their abilities and their ability, creating a state of seeking human realistic on the basis of economic integration, have led to the creation of Cooperation common between them and the peoples of the world, was built integrals by many at the level of exchange of needs, benefits and experiences,to investsignificant successes in vital economic sectors .

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Charea Al Kanaess

Church Street
City Highlights Mediterranean in the second half of the twentieth century
HE Dr. Khader sweet

A New book has been Issued for the writer Khodr Helwe titled, churches Street - City Highlights Mediterranean in the second half of the twentieth century.
This book of literature nostalgia that dragging distances back and looking forward, craving good memories and the pain of wounds, accompanied by about questions present and worries, Tripoli in the mirror of this book does not boil down to yet or limit, the personel of the city manufactured multiple identities and converging, combined Identity that is but in the case of rigid process of continuing.

The book aims to expand the spaces mixing, exchange and interaction in politics, sociology, culture, and takes us into Yards convergence, and puts real Tripoli its image, but a city the Trucial States and embraced identities,

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Mahattat Wa Mawakef

 Mahattat Wa Mawakef - Entries in politics and history.

For the writer Giragos Kuyumjian


A New  book has been Issued in Kuwait for the writer Giragos Kuyumjian, Mahattat Wa Mawakef - Entries in politics and history.Who chose the path of writing to convey the fact that the suffering of his people in all its dimensions do not know and mocked his pen and his ideas and talents in writing, and promised himself to be the voice of the Armenian  people in all his writings and essays and literary and intellectual and documents that provide the reader the truth and show the fact oppressor of the oppressed, also touched by the threads of humanitarian, social and political stands by Arab

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Lebanese Areas Guide

 " Lebanese regions Guide, tourist - historic"

of the researcher Nazim Nehme 
The newly released book " Lebanese regions Guide, tourist - historic ", the researcher of Nazim Nehme, is located in the 320-page color broadsheet, edition of DAG in the Lebanese army, and the company of the Middle East (Messageries du Moyen Orient) distributed on the "Library Antoine "The major libraries in all Lebanese territory.
This book is the first of its kind in Lebanon, combines cover to cover scans a full and comprehensive report on cities, towns and villages, farms and houses of worship and tourist sites ..., documented in the tables of nominal and geographical maps colored, with a short history of the towns in each district.
The book consists of three sections:
The first section, district maps: Section 25 includes a map of the districts of twenty-five, with a special schedule of sites

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